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Clixeen is a digital marketing agency based in Vancouver. We have satellite offices in Toronto and Orlando. Firstly, our team understands the event-driven API design paradigms. Further, we are ready to help businesses build a better brand online.

Why Clixeen

  • Purpose. We strive to live out our purpose as defined by our company name. In essence, CLIXEEN is a mixture of “Click” and “seen.” More clicks, more clients.
  • Partner. Our company is more than a digital marketing agency. We help businesses from the ground up.
  • Relationship. We are relationship marketers and builders. For example, we build bonds between B2B, business to community and B2C.
  • Expertise. Bear in mind, our digital marketing agency campaigns are world-class. We are flawless in style, scope, and execution. Besides, make digital marketing eye-catching and most effective.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Also, we maximize your spending and improve efficiency through continual refinement of campaigns. For example, we are using top granular measurement tools to track that ROI.

Moreover, our team has the expertise to help your business thrive in the digital space. Since 2005, CLIXEEN has remained at the forefront of digital marketing in Vancouver.

  • Up-to-date strategies. We use advanced tools to weed out any flaws for your business to achieve 100% success.
  • Behavior analytics approach. We identify demographic details for the best channels. Also, we decode online behavior for future probabilities.
  • Worldwide service. Last, we are proud to work with many businesses around the world. In that connection, we would love to add your business to our growing family. Above all, we enjoy talking to our clients and be a part of their success.


Digital Marketing Agency

We are a powerhouse when it comes to marketing in the online sphere. We grow things and bring positive changes. In short, our agency will help you get result-driven services such as:
  •  Web design. For example, good UX website designs.
  •  SEO strategy and SEM. For example, Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads. Instagram for business. Business plan. Local SEO services. SEO audits.SMM.
  • Commercial video production. For example, YouTube and local commercial videos.
  • Content marketing. For example, SEO copywriting and Email marketing.

Web Design

We have a knack for creating web design aesthetically. Most importantly, we help you scale your business to greater heights. We give priority to the UX design interface that generates more leads. With this in mind, get a custom intuitive website at a cost-effective budget today.

Mobile Application

Bring us your idea, and out able team of mobile developers will craft an innovative and eye-catchy app. Besides, our apps bend to the rules when it comes to UI/UX design. You need an app that’s secure, scalable, and compatible with any new android version.

Digital Marketing

We are agile and understand the dynamics of digital marketing. We are ready to help you reach prospective consumers today. As a digital marketing agency expert, we know the best channels. We rely on the latest tools to manage: SEM, SEO and PPC. Furthermore, we offer SMM, content marketing, and email marketing.

Business Strategy and Consulting

Clixeen is amongst the best digital marketing agency in Vancouver. Here, we are proud to brag of many businesses we have helped. As such, we understand that as the business grows, new challenges emerge. In most cases, this can pose a danger and can threaten to batter your business to wreck and ruin. But, worry no more because we have you covered. Our mission is to provide a solution to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and revenue.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Whether you are running an SME or fortune 500, you need to generate profits. Clixeen SEO service is a growth catalyst that can help your gain search rank. Furthermore, we understand your business online search challenges. That’s why we want you to turn traffic to revenue with our SEO package.

Business Branding

In the first place, the brand speaks a lot about your product and services you. That’s why your business needs a holistic approach. Don’t get jaded with strategies that don’t turn a dime. In particular, we inject our methodologies by human integrity that inspires the business brand.


Our aim is to help all businesses reach their potential with high performing technological solutions

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World Class Service

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Affordable Digital Marketing

Looking for the most affordable digital marketing agency in Vancouver, search no more. Our services are curated to offer deliverables for businesses with a leaner budget. Look no more when you need:
  • Intrinsic and coherent web design
  • Google 5 star reviews to help you build an online reputation
  • Instagram page for business
  • SEO to boost your rank
  • Videos


Please give us a call with any questions or comments you might have on your digital marketing issue, or to schedule an appointment in Vancouver BC, Toronto ON or Orlando, FL.