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Why we are leading

For the past 15 years, Clixeen has uplifted many businesses from scratch. Clixeen is the top digital marketing in Vancouver, BC. To date, we ranked 200,000 pages, generated 500,000 leads. Most importantly, our honour comes from the excellent reputation we have. We are always honest, transparent and exceed the client’s expectations in all engagements. Our able team understands how the market and search algorithm works. We have marketers, web developers, web designers and production crew. For us, digital marketing is about more leads and more revenue. It’s how we think, ‘CLICKS’ and “SEEN”.

  • Purpose. We strive to live out our purpose as defined by our company name. In essence, CLIXEEN is a mixture of “Click” and “seen.” More clicks, more clients.
  • Partner. Our company is more than a digital marketing agency. We help businesses from the ground up.
  • Relationship. We are relationship marketers and builders. For example, we build bonds between B2B, business to community and B2C.
  • Expertise. Bear in mind, our digital marketing agency campaigns are world-class. We are flawless in style, scope, and execution. Besides, make digital marketing eye-catching and most effective.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Also, we maximize your spending and improve efficiency through continual refinement of campaigns. For example, we are using top granular measurement tools to track that ROI.
Moreover, our team has the expertise to help your business thrive in the digital space. Since 2005, CLIXEEN has remained at the forefront of digital marketing in Vancouver.
  • Up-to-date strategies. We use advanced tools to weed out any flaws for your business to achieve 100% success.
  • Behavior analytics approach. We identify demographic details for the best channels. Also, we decode online behavior for future probabilities.
  • Worldwide service. Last, we are proud to work with many businesses around the world. In that connection, we would love to add your business to our growing family. Above all, we enjoy talking to our clients and be a part of their success.

Our Core Values

We Listen To You

In the first place, we listen to you to see the best mechanism that can improve your business. We rely on data when making decisions and not guesswork. Besides, a strategy that did well for company X might not work on your business. That is why we love to listen to each client to tailor a plan that best fits their business.

We Uphold A Tradition Of Integrity

Clixeen is a digital marketing agency in Vancouver that has maintains integrity for more than 15 years. Our mission is clear- strict adherence to moral code. We live and breathe to be transparent, honest and sincere in all our dealings.
Moreover, integrity is part of our organizational culture. We have strived for the past 15 years to make it our building block. That is why many past clients still come to us because they trust our marketing expertise.

On-Time Policy

Clixeen marketing agency understands the role time plays in influencing money. As a result, we set realistic deadlines and commit to the end.

We Are A Design Powerhouse

We know that aesthetic design can help you build trust and increase your revenue. That is why our developers always come up with UX oriented designs. Up to the present time, we have driven over two million leads for our clients.

We Understand SEO

SEO is a marketing channel that is still influential to date. We at Clixeen have perfected the art of white hat SEO practices for more than decades. We understand how SERP works and the best practices Google wants you to do.
With this in mind, we are ready to help you rank on top of search results. Having your site at the top of the search engine is our goal.

The clixeen marketing team consists of detail-oriented marketing experts who will be your main point of contact and responsible for the success of your digital marketing. Your marketing strategist works closely with the rest of our team of expert marketers in creative planning and design to drive results. Then, Clixeen provides the insights you need to scale those results and understand your profitability in the digital marketing landscape.
We help you unlock your unique growth loops and put them into action with frameworks and strategies that drive rapid growth and maximize revenue potential.
The trusted growth partner for many startups, scale-ups & Fortune 350 brands
We help you unlock your unique growth loops and put them into action with frameworks and strategies that drive rapid growth and maximize revenue potential.

Our SEO team gets ranking on top pages:
For more than 35% of keywords in just three months
For more than 65% of keywords in just six months

Our PPC team’s achievements:
A highly targeted PPC campaign increased CTR by 250%
PLA (Product Listing Ads) campaign increased conversions by 280%
Media Ad campaign lowered CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by 62%
The location-based campaign increased conversions by 143% in 25 days

97% of Our Clients Keep Renewing Our Services


Please give us a call with any questions or comments you might have on your digital marketing issue, or to schedule an appointment in Vancouver BC, Toronto ON or Orlando, FL.

Industries we serve

In most cases, we don’t choose who we partner with or promote their business. But, your business must conform to government regulations and directives. Our marketing agency in Vancouver serves many businesses, for example:
  • Real estate marketing
  • Dentistry
  • Restaurant marketing
  • Law firms
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Fitness
  • E-commerce
  • Finance. For example digital wallet APPS
  • B2B marketing