Your Videographer For Event Filming & Live Streaming

When the action is live, there’s no time for reshoots. Our multi-camera, high-definition live streaming capability means you won’t miss a beat.

Capture every second

Flawless event coverage & live streaming

The ability to connect and participate, easily and efficiently from anywhere on the planet, has never been so important. It brings us together as a society, enabling us to take part in gatherings, spectacles and events that we may otherwise have missed. Whether it’s a musical concert, corporate board meeting, town hall, faith-based service or a family wedding, it deserves to be shared.

What we do

Event coverage and wrap-up videos

Relive each moment for years to come with a polished, story-led video of your event, including your own messaging or company branding. This is one of our clients’ favourite ways to share, repurpose and promote their event content.

Live streaming

Using a 4 camera setup for multi-angle coverage and state-of-the-art 4k quality recording equipment, our live stream production team will capture every word, every note and every second of your event.


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