Web Development Vancouver

Are you looking for web design that has splendid pages and communicate your message?

Do you want a design that is easy to access, and will guide visitors with ease? If yes, then Clixeen web design agency is your ticket. We create a functional, user-centric design that meets your business goals and visitors. Whether you want to start a personal blog or eCommerce or corporate website, we have your design ready. We understand you want to build something great but running out of time and creativity.

Coming up with a business website nowadays might seem simple because of the technology. However, there are a lot of things you need to weed so that your site delivers maximum impact. It would be best if you made it right from domain names, web hosting, Email, design to layout. Besides, you also need to check user experience, construction, content, marketing, SEO and security.

Your web design starts here

Before rushing to purchase a domain name, you need to identify the purpose of your site. Usually, not all web sites serve the same purpose. Your goal might be to share your expertise or make money.

Once you have a purpose, then we will proceed to the plan. At this stage, you need to identify what tools will help to convey your message correctly. For example, your website might be diary, videos, TV and more.

Choosing a Domain

Choosing a domain is very crucial when building your website. Typically, it’s the one that will become your brand. Besides, visitors will be looking for you using the domain name. The question is, do you have a name or are you planning to start from scratch. Clixeen web design team will help you come up with the right domain that fits your brand. Furthermore, we will get you a suitable domain register. A right domain register is one that will allow you to upgrade without errors when your business expands.

Web Hosting

Choosing a host is where most people go wrong and sometimes end up with one that doesn’t meet their demands. First of all, you need a reliable web hosting provider that offers full support. Your provider should be on top of the game when it comes to loading speed. Check also the storage and bandwidth they offer you if it can sustain your business purpose.

Email services

It is always advisable to set up email addresses using the domain name. For example, we use ( as our email address. It helps promote a business because people can quickly locate the company. Another benefit is that it promotes credibility and branding. Also, your email panel should have standard functions that will make campaigns doable. Things like forwarding, add delete, spam filtering should function well.

Design and layout

Clixeen web design team understands that you need a structure that will increase dwell time. We know that 50% of users browse the internet using mobile devices. In that connection, we ensure that the design we deliver to our clients serves both. In particular, we strive to have a site with these features: Mobile compatible / Accessible / With content easy to scan / Easy navigation / Faster page load / SEO ready


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