Vancouver Videography with a passion

Videos are great marketing tools that can help your audiences identify your business. They are one of the most shared content online. Videos are good at conveying information in less time compared to text. Moreover, they help visitors understand your products and services. In the end, you build a brand connection and bond that boost business goals.

Vancouver Videography will help you create a brand. We specialize in commercial videos, drone Videography, real estate videos, and more.

What Vancouver Videography offers to your brand

Search Engine Optimization

First, we do commercial videos and business photography in Vancouver and its environs. Reach us if you need drone Videos for business. For real estate, we help them tell their brand story. In addition, we help small businesses achieve marketing goals on social media. In that connection, we do create promotional videos for Instagram and YouTube. For business photography in Vancouver, we do product photography, real estate, and more.

Is the Instagram page for business worth your time?

You don’t have to be fortune 500 to make it on Instagram. With over 1 billion users, your business can build a brand from scratch. In the first place, you need to define your goals. It’s through these goals that you’ll be able to know why your business needs Instagram. Maybe you want to focus on:
Brand awareness
Grow your business community
Acquire leads
Increase more traffic to your blog
Make sales

The benefit of our Vancouver Videography services

Give Your Audience The Medium They Want

-YouTube enjoys over 2 billion unique users every month
-Instagram has More than 1 billion unique users every month
-81% of businesses accept video as their best marketing tool
As we can see in the report above, more users prefer to engage with videos. Turning those blogs of yours into videos will help you achieve great business goals.

Videos bring enormous traffic to your site

PPC is an excellent shot for your business to generate leads at a low cost. In most cases, you’ll be able to target audiences according to demographics. Besides, unlike organic search, which takes months, PPC is fast. Furthermore, you need to invest time when setting up campaigns. That can’t be realistic if you have a lot of tasks at the workplace. So, let Clixeen digital marketing Vancouver deliver to you workable strategies

FAQ about Digital Marketing Vancouver

Videos Increase Conversion Rate

You need to make video part of your investment package. It can help your business increase conversion by 70%. Usually, it becomes much easier to convert a visitor to leads with a compelling video.

Build Trust And Credibility

To build your brand, you need to connect with consumers on the ground. Vancouver Videography will help you tell stories about your brand. The more you educate your audience about your brand, the more you build trust.


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